About This Blog...

I write this blog for family business owners and their advisors.  I am a lawyer, and, therefore, the blog primarily (but not exclusively) discusses legal topics.  My law firm bio is at https://www.reinhartlaw.com/people/gregory-monday/.

The legal content of this blog is focused primarily on family business operations, governance, ownership, and succession.  Some of the content is based on recent developments in the law, and some of it is based on more general and longer standing principles.  I try to write at least one new post in advance of Monday each week.

Sometimes, I write about case law from a particular state and use that to illustrate a point about best practices (or the consequences of poor practices), but the reader should always understand that the case holding may have no legal effect on a business that does not have a nexus with that state.  (In fact, the state law relevant to the reader might dictate a different result.)  I will most often write about Delaware case law, because many companies (for good reason) are organized under Delaware law and because I believe that Delaware courts produce exceptional business law decisions.

Sometimes, I will write about literature, film, or streaming content that may have relevance to family dynamics or family-owned businesses.  You can generally tell what I am currently reading from my LinkedIn posts. I only draw quotes from works I have read in full or am currently reading.  (With respect to films and streaming content, I am usually hopelessly behind the times, so the reader may expect references to work that may have been around for a couple of years.)

This blog also is a sort of companion to my book, “The Lawyer’s Guide to Family Business Succession Planning,” which is scheduled for publication by the American Bar Association in June of 2020.  It is my intention to use this blog to expand upon subject matter appearing in the book.  In particular, it is my hope that readers who have questions about content in the book will contact me with their questions, which I might answer with a blog post.  I can be reached at gmonday@reinhartlaw.com.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Stay well.

Gregory Monday
May 2, 2020